Eternally in My Heart

Eternally in My Heart
Lord, grant Charles eternal rest in Your loving arms.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Account in the Midst of a Storm

Sunday, November 17, 2013

darkening sky, terrifying wind!
tornado warning on the radio,
and in the air via siren blaring.
hurrying to my bathroom,
praying all the while
that the lack of windows there
will provide shelter.
high winds threaten us
who abide in mobile homes,
bringing forth the desire
for REAL shelter
in the arms of our Savior.

tornado warnings lapse
yet tornado watch persists till 8 p.m.
as darkness creeps over our city.
making it harder to reckon any danger.
yet my heart pounds,
wanting to shout, "Move on, fierce Wind!
I've had enough of this fearsome weather."
again, this time in a whisper,
"Push the storm away, please, Lord."

once more the rain is 
pummeling my home.
are my neighbors joining me in prayer?
"Where two or three are assembled,
I am there," assures my Lord.
must we be in the same room,
or will close vicinity,
as in our block, provide our safeguard?

WLBC radio news updates weather conditions
to heavy rain storms,
no longer prefacing with "tornado".
dark clouds abating
toward the western sky
unveiling slivers of blue
and clouds embellished with peach tones.
this sight suffuses me with hope
that soon all will be calm.

our governor's voice brings reassuring news
that although Indiana has suffered much damage...
Breaking news!  
Kokomo's mayor recounts that his city
is under a state of emergency-
yet, no deaths reported in our state...
praise be to God.


MyMaracas said...

That was some storm, wasn't it! (We're in South Bend.) We lost power for a few hours, and my younger son's is still out. We saw a tilted power pole and actual downed wires in his area, with a tree arrested mid-fall on the remaining lines. I'm so glad you're OK!

Norma Ruttan said...

Downed live lines terrify me, so glad you and yours are okay too. Luckily, in this mobile home park, all electric lines are underground so we lose power only if the transformer is down.

MeOfCourse said...

Hi Norma. Happy that you are safe and that no one was killed in this storm. It's strange how the weather has been acting, very scary. ::hugs::