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My Random 5 for Friday, January 24, 2014

Random 5 Friday
Jan. 24, 2014

1. I am repeatedly surprised when I become aware that Friday has arrived!

2. Christmas begins the season of remembering the past for me, 
and winter continues it with my pursuit 
of writing down memories to correlate 
with vintage photos for the perusal 
of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 
(when their interest grows in such an activity)

3. Speaking of the past,  
my brother and I celebrated our birthdays together 
all through our childhood 
(once he was born, of course). 
His was February 6th and mine is February 10th.  
I was four days from being three years old 
when Mom came home with her bundle of joy.  
I have a clear memory of her placing him on my lap 
while I sat on the blue davenport. 

My sweet brother died at the young age 
of 54 seventeen years ago.

4. A couple of years ago when I mentioned to my spiritual director that I wished that my husband’s spirit would visit me, she said that sometimes a butterfly or a bird not usually seen around here will appear to people, signifying that the person’s spirit had sent it.  I have experienced that kind of event, satisfying me that he is with me, a warm, comforting thought.

5. I have neglected exercising consistently; 
I’m blaming the frigid weather and the lack of sunlight.  
So since the sun is in full bloom now, 
I need to finish here and get my body going.
Happy Friday to everyone!  Be safe and warm.

with pleasure I'm joining others at
Nancy Claeys'


Karen said…
Exercise...I remember that! Haven't done it in quite a while, I'm blaming it on being lazy!
Nancy Claeys said…
That's quite the undertaking... documenting history for your grands and great-grands. Very thoughtful and I love the vintage photo. :)
Norma Ruttan said…
I'm doing it, Nancy, because I wish it had been done for me.
Lynne said…
I have experienced that sprit kind of thing . . . not something that I have talked much about and here I am writing it on R5F . . .
TexWisGirl said…
i'm with you on the too-cold-to-exercise thing. :)
i hope you see your butterfly soon. i talk to my parents often about wishing to see or hear from my relatives that have gone on. they don't believe in that nonsense. i personally wish to believe in it ... gives me peace. keeps us connected in some way. or i wish it would. you miss them. we all miss some one. have a good day. ( :
Buttons said…
Oh my brother just passed he was 58 and I miss him too, you never forget a brother. Nice photo. B
I believe spirits are constantly trying to communicate with us, sometimes we simply aren't paying attention. I'm so glad your brother is able to give you a comforting sign.
Claire said…
These are such lovely posts, Nonnie, even when they mention sad losses...
Sweet blessings to you x
Anonymous said…
Wonderful old photos. Winter does truly seem to be a time for reflection.
Mascha said…
Only now do I come to visit your blog (I was a little sick last few days and weekends busy with "Grow your blog" party).
A nice warm-hearted post! Enjoyed reading, especially as I remembered the last days much of my beloved grandfather. He met me in front of all in some things which he has created and these are guarded like treasures to me.
Some write from life, memories ... that's good.
I want to try that too.

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