Eternally in My Heart

Eternally in My Heart
Lord, grant Charles eternal rest in Your loving arms.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NONNIE'S PHOTO A DAY: Flag Waving on a Rainy Day

American Flag 
my country’s banner
unfurled, fetches a bright note
 this grey rainy day

joining others
created by Mrs. Nesbitt,
maintained by Roger
and hosted this week 
by Reader Wil

Hoosier Quote:
“Liberty: One of imagination’s most precious possessions.”
~Ambrose Bierce~


Reader Wil said...

Flags can create all kind of feelings. The feeling of being safe, of proud, of hatred when it is the enemy's national symbol.
Good choice, Norma!
you asked why the free range eggs taste better. Well they are produced by healthy animals and the battery eggs aren't.
Have a great week.
Wil, ABCW Team

Joy said...

I like a flag on a breezy day, nice bay, whatever the weather.

Marie said...

Perfect for F! I love it!!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Lovely capture♪