Eternally in My Heart

Eternally in My Heart
Lord, grant Charles eternal rest in Your loving arms.

Monday, February 16, 2015

NONNIE'S PHOTO A DAY: Sunset in the Neighborhood

breathtaking splendor
exquisitely tinted sky  
pause here and enjoy

sharing with radiant Rebecca's

Hoosier Quote:
“You don’t have to peddle a good thing.”
~Frank McKinney Hubbard~

Although this quote was in the Advertising section of the book,
I think it’s appropriate for my photo because I think
the scene "sells" itself.


A Quiet Corner said...

Beautiful skies to enjoy...:)JP

Mascha said...

Wonderful colors and words!

GB said...

Absolutely delightful sky Norma. It's a very telling quote as well. Two for the price of one in this post.