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NONNIE'S WORDLE #199: My Lenten Promise

Mardi Gras- the last day of revelry before the beginning of Lent- on Ash Wednesday. I took my cue to indulge myself one last time before Lent’s onset. Then desiring to empty myself of so many worldly pleasures and to spark my memory of past years Lenten promises,  I cracked open my documents to seek those intentions.  What can I do to be a more saintly child of God?  My mind wrestled between other years’ vows and choosing a new one. So I decided to give up playing my computer games.  The very first day- perhaps science could explain my lapse, I clicked on the Solitaire icon.  Then just as quickly, my Guardian Angel threw virtual pebbles at my head to stop playing almost before I started. Displeased with my unconscious act, I wrote myself a reminder to keep here by my computer and to keep me on track- just in case…

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Wordle #199


Anonymous said…
Lovely one!! I wish my guardian angel keeps me on track with my resolutions as well!!! :-/
Nonnie said…
Meg, I have reminders by my praying place.

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