Eternally in My Heart

Eternally in My Heart
Lord, grant Charles eternal rest in Your loving arms.

Friday, March 4, 2016

NONNIE'S PHOTO A DAY, Day 64: Remembering the Delight of Spring

visions of blossoms
brought to mind this enchanting
image from last spring 

I'm referring to the delightful photo 
on our hostess Rebecca's


payal agarwal said...

lovely image. :)

rebecca said...

dearest nonnie,

spring is such a glorious time of renewal and beauty. already the nest building is in full swing here in the mountains of arizona! i am smitten with each new bloom and the dizzy fragrance of awakening.

i passed your message on to judie.

enjoy a blessed weekend my friend.


Norma Ruttan said...

thanks so much, Rebecca I've heard birds, but no evidence of nest building. I can always hope.

Lea said...

What a cascade of beauty Nonnie, both your image and remembering haiku!

Gillena Cox said...

A beautiful cascade of joy in those blossoms Bonnie

Thanks for dropping by my blog

Much love...

Norma Ruttan said...

thank you, Gillena, and you are welcome

Norma Ruttan said...

thank you, Lea.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

A spring in the mind is almost as good as the real thing!

J C said...

I got your message Nonnie. Thank you so much. I wish blogger would cooperate for you.
That pic above of bright eyes with daddy is so wonderful. I know you are a proud gramma. Give her a hug from me. xoxo